Monday, 28 June 2010

Condemned - A portrait with scars.

It's been too much... Too much and I'm falling on my knees in vain. I'll wait to gain enough strength to get up once more and keep going only to know that I will fall soon again...

But why? Was I really this bad to be treated by you in this way?

The scars are burning under today's sun  but none of its light comes through the thick black shadow you've painted me with on the inside. And yet there's plenty of sun still zipped within me. But none of this light comes through and none of it comes out. It's burning me from inside. I am being burned... neither dead nor alive, burned with questions which stir up this flame: What have I done to you?!  What have you done to me and why?! How do you take it from somebody? How do you take it and why?
I once used to be happy...
Please.. give me back what you have taken so happily with yet another lie.
Please... give it back. I miss it so much... my smile.  

Condemned - A portrait with scars.
Acrylics on canvas

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