Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tutu was born

Yesterday at around 10pm on the floor of the Vyner street studio in Hackney little Tutu was born (see her first image below)

She was born from love, passion, longing and care on one side – anger, pain, despair and cruelty on the other. 

This strange mix of emotions makes her really fragile and unstable at times. Tutu wears a red colour dress from the oversized T-shirt, has shiny black hair, cute teeth and sweet eyes. She always carries a can of black paint for a reasons only known to herself.

Tutu is a very stubborn creature as well – I can tell you that. I can tell you many things about her – both good and bad. She was with me since a long time ago but until yesterday I did not know how to bring her back to life because she can bring happiness but also the incredible suffering. Yes, Tutu and I have a huge problem.

You will learn more about her and I hope I’ll be consistent and strong enough to tell you this story. I hope this will be a beginning of something beautiful.

Please follow her story.

And before you ask - Tutu does exist in real life... Somewhere behind the wide river.

Introducing: Tutu.

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