Friday, 9 July 2010

Tutu in colour

Today I've spent some time picking the materials to create a special world of Tutu. Unlike the usual big size canvases and sharp edge of a palette knife she needs something... mmm... less dramatic.

She's too fragile so I picked a soft watercolour brushes and few little paints which are just the right size for her. I could see her eyes wide open in disbelief and a smile when I show it to her. The paint itself is so cute - it looks like a candy - so I knew immediately this is the right pick for Tutu (see below).

Anyway - I was waiting for my dinner to heat up (Japanese dumplings) and in the mean time I really wanted to try the new medium and show it to Tutu. I've found her sitting and reading the book of poetry (I think it was a book of poetry... I was not wearing my glasses and I did not want to interrupt her). So where is the black can of paint?... Well, I'm glad you've asked - It's just behind her. So for the first time over here Tutu in (water) colour. 

Now back to a studio.

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